The Bubble Project

Hummingbird Receives Praise at the Launch of the The Bubble Project

The Bubble project has been launched this month by Worcestershire’s YMCA and has received national recognition in part due to the innovative branding and information material created by Hummingbird Marketing.

Hummingbird Marketing have produced a vibrant and visually challenging suite of postcards for the authorities, a postcard for the service user, plastic contact cards, posters and exhibiton stands specifically aimed at 16-25 year olds in the South Worcestershire area. The actual project title has come from a service user who described homelessness and unemployment as ‘being in a bubble’.

Hummingbird Creative Head, Steve Lewis commented, ‘We were delighted to learn that the launch of The Bubble Project this June was received with such enthusiasm and buzz not only by the YMCA but of course the young people of Worcestershire. As a team we are very pleased with the success of the launch.